Management Systems - ISO/OHSAS

Expert Guidance

Management system accreditations are applicable to all organisations and industries and extend beyond specific areas of expertise to promote effective management and responsible operations within all industries.

The most common management system accreditations used within the security industry are as follows:

·       BS EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

·       BS EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

·       BS EN ISO 18001 – Health and Safety Management Systems

·       BS EN ISO 27001 – Information Security

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is aimed at effective business management focusing on continuous improvement in relation to products, services, Supply chain management, business operational and people management. With aims of ensuring and ever evolving and successful business. Much of the standard is based on the plan-act-do framework encouraging plans to be forged, tested, evaluated and rolled out if necessary, when correctly applied the ISO9001 Standard can help revolutionise your business into it most effective and efficient form via continual monitoring and review of process.

ISO 14001

As discussed in ISO 9001 monitoring and review is a key component of the ISO 14001 standard, however this is applied with an environmental focus. With Aspects and impacts of all business operations reviewed and monitored a greener approach is undertaken, thus enhancing the businesses Corporate Social Responsibility, a factor which is increasingly becoming a factor of consumer choice. Social awareness on green issues has rapidly increased in recent years amounting to a growing number of consumers seeking confirmation of green credentials when choosing a service provider.

OHSAS 18001

As mentioned above OHSAS 18001 also incorporates may of the features of the ISO 9001 Management Systems standard however unlike ISO 14001 is driven from a Health and Safety perspective, encouraging safe systems of work be under frequent review to ensure the safest methods possible are employed in business operations. Once again with an ever evolving society becoming increasingly blame aware it is essential that business take all reasonable actions available to ensure work place health and safety, the achievement of OHSAS 18001 provides a hallmark of success for any approved business showing continued consideration and improvement of its processes.

ISO 27001

As stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation all personal and sensitive data entrusted to Businesses and individuals alike is duty bound to be held in confidence and not shared amongst other organisations or interested parties. However, this is proved to consistently fall short in certain organisations due to increasing threats from evolving criminal and non-criminal sources who are able to access private and personal data for their own means. The ISO 27001 accreditation shows an ongoing commitment to the management, development and improvements of systems designed to protect our personal information.