The QA Group we recognise the need for consultancy services to be tailored to  companies individual requirements that is why our packages are built to offer maximum flexibility.

We Offer

Bespoke Systems – Each of our systems will be individually written to your business requirements including all of the standards required for your chosen scope. This will include an initial information gathering call and the system production. As we do not believe that a generic system can fulfil your needs you will be given a chance to preview each draft procedure and individual form prior to final approval ensuring you are fully content with the package you receive.

Days on site – After your system has been signed off you may feel that you would benefit from an onsite training day. If this is the case we will arrange to visit your offices and walk you through each procedure and the adjoining forms to ensure you are fully conversant with their usage.

Remote support – if you feel that ongoing support may be of benefit to your business you will have the option to give us a call and have us walk you through any issues or questions that may arise. A remote support contract will also include us keeping your paperwork up to date with any standard changes that may occur during the course of your contract, ensuring peace of mind that you will be fully compliant with any standard updates.

Audit Days – These can be offered either remotely or as on site days depending on your requirements, any non-conformances will be logged with preventative and/or corrective actions put in place to prevent any reoccurrences.

Assessment Support – We will arrange to visit you in the weeks prior to assessment to ensure you have all the required evidence available on the day. We would also attend your assessment days to ensure peace of mind and the smooth running of upcoming assessments.


SIA - Approved Contractor Scheme

With our 100% success rate and high conversion to pacesetter status our systems and services allow for a speedy and successful route to approval

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Skyline New York

Management Systems - ISO/OHSAS

Expert Guidance

Management system accreditations are applicable to all organisations and industries and extend beyond specific areas of expertise to promote effective management and responsible operations within all industries

Finance Consultancy

Electronic Security Systems

A Comprehensive Approach

The QA Group offers direct and uncomplicated assistance for companies wishing to gain approval to certifications available to Security Installers, these include; both NSI Gold and Silver, as well as the SSAIB NACOSS scheme.


RVRC / ARC / Monitoring St

Expert Guidance

The QA Group offers comprehensive guidance and fully compliant management systems to assist you in ensuring your monitoring station meets both the build requirements and operational and procedural requirements to gain approval to your chosen scheme. 

Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning

The Path to Success

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